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  • You have reached the redirect page for the Department of Defense Transition GPS Participant Assessment. You will be redirected to a secure, commercial website to participate in the survey.

  • There is a known issue with accessing the Transition GPS Participant Assessment through the DoD firewall. We recommend that if you have trouble accessing the site, to try to access the site through your mobile device or through a non-DoD network. We appreciate your patience with this and are continuing to work on resolving the issue.

  • NOTICE: If you reached this page by using a QR code, use the controls within the app to open this page in a secure, trusted browser before proceeding to the assessment.

  • You may be prompted by a security alert. If so, follow the instructions and proceed to the secure assessment website.

  • Please note that you will be directed away from a U.S Government website and to a third-party site.
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